How To Start Hiring

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UTender website is meant to be a bridge between Service Providers from various industries and Service Beneficiary - any individual who is looking for a professional service.

  • Job posting

    Service Beneficiary posts a job and organize an auction - basic or urgent depending on his needs

  • Sending notifications

    Registered Service providers are notified about the Job – if interested sign in for the auction

  • Auction starts

    Auction starts and each Contractor is placing their bids

  • Establishing winners

    First 3 higher bids will get the details of the Job Beneficiary and will contact them in the next 24h after the auction end

  • Choosing quote

    Service Beneficiary will choose 1 of the 3 quotes

  • Job implementation

    Service provider does the job

  • Done.

    Everybody is happy!

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Service Beneficiary

Start Today For a Great Future

In order to be able to use our services you will first need to create an account.

When you are posting a job it is very important to post under the right category in order to notify the correct professionals about your need.

For each Job you are going to advertise with us you can organise two types of auctions:

  • Basic - free of charge
  • Urgent – means that you need someone to fix your problem asap, and it can’t wait (pipe leaks for example). For the urgent auctions you will need to pay a 5€ fee. In maximum an 1 h after you post the job you are going to be contacted by 3 Service providers and you can choose with which of them you are going to work.

After a job is accomplished you can leave your feedback on the Service Provider and he will do the same, in order to keep high quality of the services.

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Service Provider

Start Today For a Great Future

In order to be able to use our services you will first need to create a contractor account.

While you are completing your profile it is very important to choose carefully what type of services you are providing and the accurate location/ locations you are going to offer your Services to, including international if that is the case, because you are going to be notified according to that criteria.

In your account you have different notification filters which can easily be turned on or off. When a job is posted in your area of interest, you are going to be notified by email or text. If you are interested on the job, then you can enter in the auction for the full details of the job. There will be other Service providers who are going to bid against you for the same job. After the time allocated for the auction ends, the first 3 Service Providers with higher bids are going to receive the full details of the job and it is their responsibility to contact the Service Beneficiary in the next 24 h after the auction end. It is your responsibility to give the right quote. The starting price for an auction is 1€ but this might differ depending on the industry and the value of the job. There are no other costs involved, but this might change in the future.

As a contractor you can sign in for two types of jobs:

  • Basic
  • Urgent – For the urgent jobs you agree to be available 24/7. There are no extra costs involved with this option, just the responsibility that if an urgent job is posted you are going to do your best to positively answer the need. Signing to Urgent jobs automatically will sing you with the Basic jobs also.

UTender provides a wallet which can be top-up with different amounts, and for any auction you sign in and win the money will be deducted from your wallet. In the case you participate in an auction, but you are not one of the first 3 winning bids, the amount auctioned is going to be returned in your wallet.

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